A Travellers Gift

Just as we were building up to leave Portugal behind, we have fallen in love with it all over again. It was one of those everyday moments in life, taking the children to the park in the small town of Vila da Praia Anchorage, North Portugal. Standing back, watching the children run around and explore, […]

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The Magic of Unschooling.

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school. It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education. ” – Albert Einstein The sweetest most well meaning thing that people say when they meet us travelling with our 2 and 4 year old is ‘aw…such a beautiful age’ & ‘great time […]

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Minimalist Living

My epiphany moment was when we ripped up the threadbare carpet in our Victorian terrace and began sanding all the floorboards with one of those crazy sander hoover machines you can hire from the tool hire place. We underestimated the permanent dust cloud that took up residence in our house that week and decided on […]

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Our First Workaway Placement as a Family, Off grid in South Portugal.

What is Workaway? Workaway is an online scheme whereby you pay an annual subscription fee (46.00 US dollars for a joint/family account)  to have access to hosts that want to invite people to volunteer their time and skills to assist their many varied projects. Projects can include working on farms, small-holdings, eco-projects or even around […]

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