In the beginning…

We are a down to earth family looking for a different way of living and a chance to be open to life and all that it can offer.

We found that living a normal life in the suburbs made small unimportant things appear increasingly stressful, whilst big important things were being forgotten.

The first stage of our mission was to get rid of all our stuff: we embraced minimalism, which involved many free-cycle ads and visits to the tip. Cautiously at first but our new outlook soon gathered momentum.

The upside being that with only one small box of toys and a few clothes time spent picking them up off the floor were dramatically reduced…

In a bid for even more freedom we bought a big white van, added insulation & roof vent, chucked in our kitchen stuff plus an old mattress and built everything else on the road as we went.

Sometimes in life you can wait around endlessly for the perfect time (or as we were always guilty of the perfect pinterest opportunity) there’s nothing like flying by the seat of your pants.

We looked for inspiration of other families doing the same thing online for moral support and ideas of how to make it work. So we’ve added our experience to the melting pot in case anyone out there is considering the same leap. If our average little family can do it, then I’m quite hopeful that anyone can.