Van Life in Glastonbury, Somerset.

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Glastonbury Tor, Somerset.

We love the magic of Glastonbury and the community of van people that you often see on your travels round this way. There are a few good spots round and about in industrial areas, cul-de-sacs and laybys that van people can make use.

Once you have found a place to park up if you have children in tow you have to hit up Cinnamon Lane Park. The park is a beautiful place to laze away a sunny afternoon as there is a huge amount of space to run around and then lay out a picnic rug for lunch, maybe sneak an apple or two from the apple tree. There’s loads of different bits to play on, the zip wire is a particular favourite!

The Chalice Well Gardens & Red Spring is back at the top of Cinnamon lane on the main road. Free Admission is given on special days of celebration throughout the year as part of their wheel of the year festival, otherwise an admission charge applies. Have a look at their events page for the dates and times. There is free flowing water available from outside the wall of the chalice gardens, on the same road as the white spring. It is drinking water with a red-ish hue and high iron content. You can taste the tinge of Iron in the water. Please be aware: We only allow our children to taste the iron rich water from the red spring as it should not be consumed by children in large quantities in case of iron poisoning.

The White Spring is a beautiful spot to sit for a while, there is limited parking on the roadside just up from the well. The water is free, abundant and wholesome, many people visit each day to fill their water containers, you can even bathe in the healing waters of the white spring if you enter the underground temple at the base of the Tor, there is a 2ft temple pool or 4.6ft plunge pool for the brave! Known for its high calcium and mineral content, local people often mix the water 50/50 from the red and white spring to enjoy the healing qualities of both. Children love playing in the little mosaic pool outside and chatting to passers by, our little one thinks it’s a very special place and is now convinced it is the tooth fairy’s house. Team small get giddy about leaving a gift of an apple or piece of ribbon at the fairy shrine to say thank for their drinking water.

tor 4Glastonbury Tor, no visit to Glastonbury would be complete without a breezy amble up the Tor. The views are impressive, the people are welcoming, just remember to pack a flask of hot chocolate for when you reach the top as a reward for the climb up the hill! There are so many legends and ancient magic that surround the Tor, it’s easy to be swept along by the almost electric atmosphere of the place. Home of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere, a possible site of the holy grail and according to Celtic mythology door to the underworld and home to Gwyn ap Nudd, King of the Fairies. Sit for a while in quiet contemplation or just stare out at the far reaching views. At the foot of the Tor is the community Avalon Orchard if you fancy picking an apple for your walk home and spot the wish tree full of colourful ribbons.


On a rainy day we pop into Glastonbury Library to cuddle up in the children’s corner downstairs and read stories. There are computers that you can use with a temporary library card and free WiFi available too. There are also desks available upstairs for you to plug in your own lap top and use.

If you are looking for a pay day treat you should get to Glastonbury High Street for a wander around the eclectic mix of shops and stop off at the 100 Monkeys Cafe ‘mix no evil, cook no evil, eat no evil’ they have such a range of beautiful food for all the fussy types of eaters like us. After a few months on the road without an oven the Spicy Lamb & Date Tagine is like a taste of heaven. They even have a mug in a hug – Warm milk, honey and vanilla which is the stuff of childhood dreams. Plus full children’s menu.

The Washing Well Launderette can be found at the top end of the high street, a lovely friendly place where a service wash will only set you back a few quid.