Wild Van Camping at Deer Leap, Priddy.

deer leap2Deer Leap, Priddy. Nearest Postcode: BA5 3BA.

Deer Leap is the site of an old abandoned medieval farmstead with footpaths leading off in every direction across the Mendip Hills. Set high above the levels with magical views at sunset across the Isle of Avalon, on a clear day you can see out to Glastonbury Tor, the Exmoor hills and the Bristol channel. Secluded little car park set back from the single track road and grassy picnic area with a few benches, our favourite place for a bit of outdoor cooking. Great place to star gaze at night or sit and watch the buzzards hitch a ride on the thermals. If you are lucky you might even spot the two standing stones in the field just off the main road leading down the hill.

The car park is also on the Sustran National Cycle Route 3. It’s a popular place to congregate in the summer and is well used by locals and more far flung adventurers in equal amounts, so you will be lucky to get a space on a sunny evening in August. However either side of the main holiday season the place is a tranquil haven away from it all and a very mystifying place that we can’t help but keep returning to.

There is always a friendly feel to this place, we have rocked up and found people lighting incense to celebrate solstice, selling their wood carvings and whole families sharing their stories whilst playing their banjos and sipping whiskey into the night. One night when a particularly dramatic thunderstorm rolled in a local bobby car even parked up to watch the light show in the wee hours, the car park had three vans parked up for the night and we were all left to sleep in peace.

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