Van Build – Shoe and Poo Storage

One of the most frequently asked questions of people that have shown an interest in our life of freedom on the road is ‘where and how do you go when you need to poo?!’

Not my favourite conversation starter but now I have found the answer for not just that but shoes and children’s toys – all in the otherwise unused space behind the front seat.

This set up consists of some ply and pallet wood for shelves, some basic roofing batten for the frame and reclaimed free scrap of old oak flooring from a family member’s garage. Chuck the toilet on some ply board & drawer runners and the job is done.

Materials & Money:

  • Pallet wood (1 pallet) – Free
  • Roofing batten – £10.00
  • Reclaimed oak wood floor for work top (can be more pallet wood) – Free
  • Ply board – £10.00
  • Drawer runners – £2.50
  • Danish oil – £9.99
  • Thetford 345 Porta potti (12l) – £50.00

Total cost: £82.50

Useful Equipment:

  • Jigsaw or hand saw.
  • Drill & place to charge battery.
  • Right angle.
  • Something to sand the wood (electric sander or sand paper).

Extra advice:

If you are on a tight budget and love pallet wood there are always free pallets around for the asking. Try builders yards, farm shops & industrial estates.

Buy a pallet smasher for to make dismantling easy.