Portugal Freekuency Festival – 6th to 8th April

Random last minute plans… usually a small part reckless but often quite a big part fun. So just as we were saying bye to our friend to travel south for 2 hours they invited us to this festival, we said yes and ended up driving north for 2 hours.

So glad we ditched our plans at the last minute…as Freekuency Festival was an epic adventure through time and space.

We arrived early and the man on the gate welcomed us in and said drive round and camp anywhere…after shaking a bucket at us that we happily chucked a few euros in.

Sunset over the camping fields, Freekuency Festival 2018.

The festival sits in a little valley with rolling green hills all around, there is even a small lake that people, children and dogs were all having a splash around in as we drove past. Such a beautiful collection of vans, children playing, people sat outside drinking and cooking on makeshift BBQ’s. Some base camps were next level prepared with gazebos, fire pits, bunting, flags and a handmade bar area with communal beer stacked up ready to go!

The community vibe here is big and we bumped into loads of van friends who we had already been neighbors with at some point from our winter in Portugal.

Pirate Ship Van Music Stage, Freekuency Festival 2018.

The free party scene is where the roots of this festival originated..so I was dubious about how geared up for children it would be (thinking back to many an all night free party adventure back in the day…these places never struck me as a place to take your child!) It has the hedonistic, friendly feel of a free party…where anything goes & no-ones in charge. There’s no stewards with walkie talkies or fenced off areas you can’t get into. Yet it’s somehow at the same time managed to be organised, really pretty, clean and perfectly safe for kids. Infact safe is an understatement…the most amazing good old fashioned, crazy sensory world of colour and fun that you could ever imagine. All for free!

Kidzone Entrance and Monster Munchies Family Cafe

Whoever was behind the creation of the kids zone has set it out so thoughtfully. It’s small & simple but the attention to detail is perfect. There is a cool family cafe tent where you can buy cheap snacks, drinks and meals like juice, cheese toasties and tomato pasta. They were even selling ice pops out the freezer for 50 cents…clearly thought out by a parent. Which kid does not go crazy for these things on a hot day? The kids zone was enclosed with only one exit/entrance so adults could chill in the cafe tent whilst watching over the children. There were trampolines, face painting, crafts, a huge communal Wendy house (made from the biggest card board boxes you’ve ever seen) complete with play kitchen and dressing up box..not just a few tatty outfits but all clean, fresh stuff and enough for everyone who wanted a princess dress to have one! There were swing boats, a bouncy castle, air hockey table, timetabled activities, competitions and even a family movie being shown at 8pm every night.

Free Bouncing in the Kidzone

That was only the kidzone too…the rest of the festival stages, food and market stalls were great to wander round. The children loved dancing with the grown ups in the big tent. The first evening our two year old was in tears once we got back to the van… sobbing his heart out saying ‘more raving!’ trying to get back to the party tent.

Free & Fun Kidzone Activities

The only downside that we can think of is that some of toilets were holes in the floor, so not great for juggling small children.. but the ones near the camping were just like compost loos so just use those ones.

Also there was no-one selling basic supplies on site so make sure you are fully stocked in the breakfast, snacks, tea/coffee department!

Haunted Castle Bounce Time

The closeness of the camping ground to the music stages meant you could hear the bass all night long (not loud enough to be a problem for the small ones only us boring oldies!) So consider ear plugs, parking as far as you can from the action or some families we talked to were even parking out on the road and walking in each day.

View over camper city, Freekuency Festival 2018.

I cannot tell you how much the small ones enjoyed every moment of it…still every morning they wake up they always ask if we are going to a festival today?!