Portugal Standing Stones – Cromlech of the Almendres, Evora.

Mystical & tranquil, set high up on a hill surrounded by twisty cork oaks. It’s hard to believe that this ancient stone circle was created in 5000BC, a whole 2000 years before Stonehenge. Standing in the centre is like being surrounded by a circle of old friends.

Access is completlely free, the stones can be found 20km West of Evora on the N114.

A Circle of Old Friends

These ancient granite stones are regarded as the finest example of Neolithic structures that remain on the Iberian Penninsula. The stones form a large ellipse with a smaller, older circle of stones within it. On a few of the stones there are even the feint marks of old engravings, shapes and patterns. This wonderful site has stood still in a hidden time capsule, under soil and the undergrowth until being rediscovered by humans in the 1970s.

Free Access to run around at Almendres Cromlech, Evora, Portugal.

It was quiet when we arrived…we were the only people there. Parking is easy in a dirt carpark large enough for campers to park and turn, within viewing distance of the stones.

A glimpse of circular engravings on the Stones.

A few small tours and other families arrived throughout the day. A group of around 10 Swiss tourists arrived as part of an organised tour and held hands quietly in a circle in the middle of the stones, talking in hushed tones and taking a moment to be quiet and tune into the beautiful surroundings. They were all given pendulums and then went round holding them over the dirt in front of different stones around the circle.

They were a lovely friendly bunch (despite our little ones not completly getting the hint that they might have travelled this far for a moment of peace and quiet reflection!) One couple explained to us that you could use the pendulum to pick up different energy paths at different stones. Some people are able to do it just be closing their eyes and placing their hands on the stone…for everyone else you can use a pendulum. We found it fascinating and wanted to join in so we quickly made our own version of a silver ring (or you can use a key!) on a necklace chain and off we went! Lily spent all morning running round and showing everyone her magic new toy.

Hide and seek at the Stones, Portugal.

Lunchtime was carried out in our normal rustic picnic style (there are no facilities here – but this also means no fence, no ticket office and no coach parties) of crackers, jam and hot tea. It was a special moment to sit by the stones relaxing and eating our munch. Then after a long game of hide & seek, wich turned more into a game of tag…as the small ones found it hillarious to run from stone to stone each time (noisily and not in stealth mode!) in an effort not to be found… Giggles and laughter all round. We packed up ready to move onto our next adventure.

Sunset at Almendres Cromlech, Portugal.

As the sun started setting over the hill, I contemplated setting up my yoga mat but decided to just sit there and soak up the silence and the atmosphere. Upon leaving I made a quiet pact with myself that we will return one summer solstice to see the stones align with the sky and enjoy the Earthly celebrations with our family.