10 Natural Remedies for a Family First Aid Kit, in the Campervan.

1. Vitamin C – Immune booster, uplifter and a good friend in times of need.

2. Pro-biotics – Works great with vitamin C for supporting overall health and boosting the immune system against any bugs or infections. Avoid buying the mini supermarket drink versions, they are laden with sugar more than anything else. We use the optibac range, you can buy the sachet powder form blended especially for babies and children and add it to water.

3. Peppermint Tea – A perfect tonic for an upset stomach. It soothes belly aches, stomach cramps, heartburn, indegestion, excess gas, travel sickness (& helps a little with the odd cheeky hangover!)

4. Lavender Essential Oil – magic in a bottle. If you only have one essential oil in your kit make sure it is lavender. We keep it in our spice rack handy for minor burns in the kitchen. A few drops of neat lavender can make a huge difference to the pain and healing of a splash of hot fat from the pan. Widely known for its antimicrobial properties, lavender oil can be used for many things from healing cuts, scrapes and wounds to mouth ulcers, rubbing on the temples for a headache, reducing stress and anxiety or aiding a peaceful nights sleep for little ones. Research has shown lavender can also be useful for any fungal infections due to it’s antimicrobial compounds. Mix with a carrier oil like coconut oil and apply to the area of need.

5. Nelson’s Arnica Cream – Our little ones pick up so many bumps and bruises from running round outdoors all day. Arnica is the perfect ‘magic cream’ to help healing. Just be careful not to use it for grazes or if the skin looks broken at all, it really stings!

6. Weleda Calendula Cream – mainly just left over from the nappy rash days but the perfect soother for any skin complaints, nicks, sun burn or bites.

7. Garlic – Bite on a piece of raw garlic for toothache (works even better if you can mash into a paste with any cloves you may have in the kitchen). Sometimes one of us gets an ear infection from swimming, garlic oil is our must have remedy for ear aches cover two or three raw, peeled cloves into a small amount of olive oil and let it steep for a couple of hours, ideally overnight and then drop a little in the ear, massage for a couple of minutes and then rest aslong as you can in that position…it’s great to do last thing at night before bed with your head on the pillow. Garlic is a great remedy for fighting off any infections you might pick up on the road due to it’s antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal properties. We chop up one clove of raw garlic a day and sprinkle it on our soup or risotto for extra flavour and protection against catching colds or infections.

8. Tea Tree Gel (or essential oil blended with a dab of coconut oil depending on what is available) – the best antiseptic for any cuts or grazes. Research has even shown that tea tree oil helps to activate white blood cells, helping to boost the healing process. A few drops can be used in combination with lavender oil for speeding up the healing of any burns.

9. Smile’s PRID Homeopathic Drawing Salve, Sandpaper & Tweezers – makes up our splinter removal kit. After the arnica this is the most used bit of our whole kit. Our family seems like a magnet for splinters! All the running around in flip flops and bare feet is good for the spirit but you seem to attract a lot of prickles and sharp spiky foliage that needs dealing with.

10. Plasters – of all sizes (or dressings and surgical tape) not very natural, we prefer to let cuts dry out and heal in their own time. However sometimes a plaster is needed and can make all the difference to a traumatised child!

2 thoughts on “10 Natural Remedies for a Family First Aid Kit, in the Campervan.

  1. This is a really helpful list, will definitely be adding a few of these to our first aid kit πŸ˜€ Never knew about probiotic powder sachets – brilliant idea, it’s an essential for my gut health!


    1. Super happy that you found it useful. I LOVE how probiotics make you feel. We need to master a fool proof recipe for sauerkraut on the road too…it’s my next challenge. Our last batch did not go well! πŸ˜‚


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