Greece – Rules Of The Roundabout

After a few days of driving on the roads in Greece we realised that a few of the road rules are different to the Western Countries of Europe.

Firstly only 50% of motorcyclists seem to wear crash helmets, a lot seem to carry them on their arm as a token safety gesture instead.

It also appears that much like Italy you can pretty much ignore all parking signs and park wherever you need to as long as you leave your hazards flashing.

Old ladies with shopping trolleys and young mums with pushchairs also believe that they are small vehicles and casually potter towards you on the road, making full use of roundabouts and junctions.

As far as we can work out these are all local customs mainly due to the beautifully relaxed policing of the roads in Greece. So if you do get caught, technically you can still get a ticket.

The most surprising rule change we have found, that actually seems to be a genuine legal road law…is when using a roundabout the people waiting to enter the roundabout actually have right of way over people already on the roundabout!

If you spot a stop sign on entering the roundabout then the drivers already on there have right of way. Other than that anyone approaching the roundabout has right of way…so be careful, slow down and just follow the lead of the locals at each roundabout. Luckily roundabouts don’t seem as common a thing as back in the UK, so it won’t come up too often. But you have been warned!

We only figured this out after our good Corsican friend nearly got taken out by another car zooming onto a roundabout at 90kmph and then got shouted at by a shaken up Greek lady for trying to kill her.

So we decided to ask around and found this out. Save yourself such a crazy hair raising experience and take note before driving to Greece!