Advanced Elements Premium Solar Shower, 19L – Road Test.

The Solar Shower by Advanced Elements, 19 litres. £39.00. (Available to buy at with free UK Delivery)

We always get asked how we keep clean anytime anyone comes into contact with our lifestyle. We purposely chose not to build a permanent shower in our van as we preferred more space for living. Plus we had seen a fair few examples where the shower cubicle mainly becomes a storage cupboard! With our layout being be so tight after the additional beds and driving seats for the children, we needed another way to get clean.

The advanced elements solar shower bag is our solution for washing everything when warm water is needed. Showering, hair washes over the sink, washing the dog and quite handy for washing the dishes when your van has no water heater.

A full 19 litre solar shower of water usually takes 2-4hrs to heat up. If you put it out in the sun when you wake, you have hot water by lunchtime. It can get properly hot too…much hotter than most campsites we have found.

The water pressure is nothing like a shower at home but I definitely have used campsite showers with a similar flow! The flow feels like pouring water out of a watering can, but it is surprisingly effective at getting you clean. The whole family makes use of this shower, the children love it. It even works great for washing hair and as a family we have a lot of very thick curls to wash conditioner out of.

19 litres is more than enough for a full adult shower and hair wash. After a shower we usually have at least two thirds of the bag left to do some washing up with or hose a passing child down.

It genuinely has been a life saver when we are in need of a wash, we usually strap it to our roof so it’s ready to go anytime we need it but it does fold down really small when empty so that we can stash it in the back of a kitchen cupboard. It is also handy to have an outdoor hook above head height attached to you van for easy use.

Whilst parked up in big cities we have even managed to use it inside the van by putting down a towel and one of the large flexi tubs to catch the water.

This solar shower is one of a small handful of things that has survived family life in our tiny home after a whole year of use. Putting it firmly on our list of must haves for van life every time. If you are considering the purchase of a solar shower we would definitley recommend this one.

Please note we have not been offered freebies or money to write this review, we just wanted to share what van stuff genuinely works for us.