Children’s Usborne Wipe-Clean Writing Books.

Usborne Wipe-Clean Books, Pen Control & First Letters, ยฃ4.99. For ages 3 yrs plus. Ideal resource for learning on the road.

We were gifted a couple of these books from family before setting off on our travels. Each book offers 22 fun, colourful pages, that children can either choose to complete the set exercises or just draw their own swirls, patterns and creations. Then wipe clean and start again without the constant need for new paper or writing pads every day.

Great independent learning opportunity for our 3yr old daughter, who loves sitting quietly in a cosy corner by herself and completing her own pages. Our 2 yr old mainly just colours in each page from top to bottom with black pen but he has such fun doing it, gets his concentration tounge out and everything.

The children have also made use of them as picture books making up their own stories about the characters on the pages and giving them all funny names.

The books are super durable, still functioning well after one year on the road. The wipe clean books tend to get used, stuffed at the bottom of the bookcase for a few days and then get found and treated like they are new books all over again.

If your child has a fascination with letter recognition and writing practice them the ‘Ready for Writing’ book is great for parents as it saves writing out the letters continuously on scraps of paper throughout the day, you can just sit down with one of these books and go through certain letters together.

Great learning resources to have for any unschooling opportunities that arise throughout the day. We would definitly recommend these books to any other families pondering what is worth taking up valuable space on your travels. Just make sure you pack a couple of spare pens for your trip as they always go missing.

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