Our Campervan Toilet, Porta Potti Qube 345

Our (Ever So Glamorous) Campervan Toilet, Porta Potti Qube 345. Available to buy for Β£63.99 from Amazon.co.uk (including free UK delivery).

Everyone ALWAYS wants to know about the toilet situation on board.

When we first moved into our van we had no facilities and used our old nappy bucket with a lid as a toilet. It came in really handy for the children in the middle of the night!

Once we had completed most of the van build we were able to upgrade to a Porta Potti. We fitted the porta potti under a bench seat, onto slide out runners hidden behind a cupboard door. So it needed it to be as compact as possible to fit in the space available, more details on our shoe and poo storage build here.

The Porta Potti seems to be a reliable brand offering a contained and hygienic toilet facility that would fit easily into even the smallest of campervans in a cupboard or under the bed.

It’s smaller than most but it’s 12 litre tank still gives us three days of full use on the road for a family of four. However usually we manage to stretch it to a week on the road as we still make use of public facilities when available.

We don’t use the chemicals so can’t comment on those. Personally we prefer to go against manufacturers advice and use a scoop of cheap biological washing powder (as recommended by another van traveller) in the waste tank. It works just as well at breaking down the aromas.

There is a handy flush that works by filling up the water tank. Sometimes we add a few drops of essential oils like tea-tree or lavender to the water for extra freshness.

Emptying and cleaning the toilet seems pretty standard. It’s not the best job but there’s nothing about this design that makes it any trickier then the next. Separate the lower cassette from the rest of the toilet. Take the lid off, pour the lovely contents out the spout. Re-fill with water, put the lid back on..give it a shake and then re-empty. Ideally give the whole toilet and cassette a spray down using the water tap provided. Job Done!

Spare parts are available if needed for at least 10 years after a model is discontinued.

Porta Potti Qube 345 Specifications:

Fresh water tank: 15 litres

Waste tank: 12 litres

Size: H x 338mm, W x 379mm, D – 419mm

Overall a handy bit of kit for a campervan, that has made us much more self sufficient on the road. So practical with young children on the go. This camping toilet is still in perfect condition after a year of everyday use by a family of crazy folk. We would happily recommend it to anyone thinking of buying one for their own travels.

Click Here For More Details of the Porta Potti Qube 345 on amazon.co.uk

Please note we have not been offered freebies or money to write this review, we just wanted to share what van stuff genuinely works for us.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! Though I don’t have a campervan (yet!), my boyfriend and I were just talking about a waste management for camping trips or possible grid-down situations. I love the idea of biological washing powder, as we try to avoid chemicals. I’ll definitely be looking into this as an option. πŸ™‚


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