10 Euro a Day Family Travel Budget

The main barrier to our Campervan travels before we set off was worry about money. Could we find ways to make money for survival on the road as we travelled? Would we have enough money for our family to live? What is a realistic travel budget?

We saw lots of information online about solo travellers who could survive on €10.00 a day in their van. Family budgets seemed excessive though! Some families were budgeting £1000s per month for their ‘RV travels’.

We really hoped we weren’t being naive thinking we could do it cheaper.

Since being on the road we have lived as frugally as possible. Our money goes on Diesel, Food or Essential Equipment that needs replacing for the Family, Dog or Van! We can happily report that you definitely do not need £1000s a month to travel.

This week we set ourselves the challenge of living on €10.00 a day, to share with others what is possible.

Here Is What A Week of Living Looks Like On €10.00 a Day (2 Big Ones, 2 Small Ones & 1 Puppy):

Day One – €9.56

It was the first day of the month and the cupboards were empty so we had to do a run to Lidl Supermarket to stock up for the day. We topped up our water containers at the village tap so we have free drinking water.

Spent €9.56 at Lidl on:

2 Loaves of Crusty Bread, 1 White Sliced Loaf, 2 Tins of Sardines, 10 Bananas, 1 Courgette, 2 Tomatoes, 2 Onions, 1 Bag of Risotto Rice & 10 Eggs.


Poached Egg Sandwich & Bananas


Crusty Bread, Balsamic Vinegar & Olive Oil Dip


Sardines on Toast with Tomato & Onion Salad

Day Two – €0.00

We spent the day going for walks and swimming on the beach as we had enough food from our shop yesterday.

Breakfast: Poached Egg on Toast

Lunch: Sardines on Toast, Tomato & Onion Salad

Dinner: Veggie Risotto

Day Three – €36.30

We ran out of cooking oil, dog food and toilet roll, so had to dash into town. Stocked up on a bit more food whilst we were passing to save fuel on multiple trips.

Spent €36.30 at Lidl on:

12 tins of sardines, 1 bag of dog food, cooking oil, 6 peaches, 10 bananas, 2 garlic bulbs, 1 lettuce, 1 sack of onions, 48 stock cubes, 1 bag of plain flour, 10 eggs, 4 tomatoes, 2 litres of red wine, large bag of crisps, 1 strawberry chocolate bar, 2 crusty loaves, 2 seeded loaves and 16 toilet rolls.

We actually went a lot more lavish then our usual shop and bought a couple of naughty snacks to enjoy with cheap cartons of wine because it is the other half’s birthday in a couple of days and the children really want to make him a birthday picnic to take to the beach.

Breakfast: Toast with Honey & Peaches.

Lunch: Egg Fried Veggie Risotto Rice (Leftovers from last night)

Dinner: Fried Courgette with Tomato & Onion, Salad.

Day Four – €0.00

Breakfast: Sliced Peaches & Banana.

Lunch: Crusty Bread with Balsamic Vinegar & Olive Oil Dip.

Dinner: Veggie Risotto & Glass of Red Wine.

Day Five – €12.50

Breakfast: Poached Egg on Toast with Tomatoes.

Lunch: Birthday Picnic Lunch on the Beach – Sandwiches, Red Wine & Naughty Snacks (Crisps & Chocolate!)

Dinner Out: Spent €12.50 at the Local Beach Taverna.

We treated the Birthday Boy to a Meal out at the Beach Bar. Ordered Souvlaki & Salad, Pitta & Chips, Bottle of water & 2 Beers. (In Greece it only costs €2.00 for a Filled Pitta) The children were given free watermelon & lollipops for dessert.

Day Six – €2.00

Spent €2 at the Village Mini Market on: 1 carton of milk.

Breakfast: Pancakes with Lemon & Sugar.

Lunch: Veggie Risotto

Dinner: More Pancakes with Lemon & Sugar!! Hangover Food Mmm….

Day Seven €10.00

With all our running around in the van a top up of diesel was needed. We chucked €10.00 in to edge us away from the reserve light.

Spent €10.00 at BP Petrol Station (135 per litre of diesel)

Breakfast: Toast & Honey, with Peaches.

Lunch: Tomato & Onion Salad.

Dinner: Veggie Risotto.

A beautiful French family in a neighbouring motorhome gifted us half of their watermelon they couldn’t eat.

So we all enjoyed a slice of watermelon for desert! We saved half of it in the fridge for a refreshing free breakfast in the morning.

Total Spend for the Week: €70.36

This just goes to show that family travel on even the tightest of budget is possible.

Our average weekly budget is typically a little over this (by the time we’ve done a bit more travelling or replaced an item of clothing the children have grown out of!) but not by a lot.

We found €10.00 a day for a family a bit of a tight squeeze, even for us so you probably want to consider this the absolute minimum and budget a bit extra if you can.

If you are happy to eat simple meals, handwash clothes and love spending all your time outdoors in nature it is completely possible and can be quite a lot of fun!

Enjoy your next adventure and be sure to let us know where you end up.


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