Un-School Learning, Real World Letter & Number Hunt.

We have a very relaxed, real world approach to learning about letters and numbers.

Our favourite way to get outdoors, explore, meet people and learn whilst travelling with little ones is a letter and number hunt.

Pack some essentials in a backpack (always a winner for our dora-explorer-wannabees!) get your walking shoes on and get out exploring a neighborhood.

  • Name the letters or numbers you see.
  • Who can spot the first number 5?
  • Who can spot the most letter A’s?
  • Talk about where people use letters or numbers and why?
  • Who can find the highest/lowest/best hidden letter or number?

Perhaps you can take a notepad and copy some letters…wax rubbings…or take some pictures of your favourite finds on a camera?

A fun learning activity, that is easily spontaneous and requires little equipment other than a keen eye and a bucket load of enthusiasm.

Perfect introduction to letter and number recognition.

The world of literacy and numeracy is all around us, so why not make use of all these free resources!