Campervan Tiny Home Conversion For Under £5000.

Welcome to Our Tiny Home Overall Budget and Build Timeline.

Here lies the summary of our campervan build, in time and money.  For anyone considering if they can make their own campervan build a reality.

After purchase of the van our Sprinter build cost around £5000, taking 17 Weekends to build.

Van Build Timeline & Costings:

#1 Weekend – Windows & Insulation:
Side window, Roof Vent & porthole window – £170
Gold Foil Insulation & Glue – £300
2 x rear driving seats for children – £100 (second hand eBay)
Insulated Foil Window Blinds – £70.00

#2 Weekend – Cladding:
Wooden Cladding (Pine tounge & groove, 5ml from Wickes) – £250
Screws – £50.00
Danish Oil (4 tubs!) – £40.00

#3 Weekend – Electrics:

We paid a family member to do an amazing job of our electrics as we had no clue what we were doing and d
80W Solar Panel, Electric Wires & Two Leisure batteries plus fitting – £500.00
Lighting (2x spotlights, 1x reading light, led colour change strip for under shelves) & 3x USB plug sockets – £70.00

#4 Weekend – Fixed Double Bed:
Double Bed Frame (2×2 inch wood for frame/legs & cheap slatted double base from ikea) – £150
Standard double mattress – Free from our house!
Double bed hinge to lift bed frame for storage – £30.00 (piano hinge from hardware shop)

#5 Weekend – Kitchen Cupboards:
2×2 inch framework timber (left over from bed build but would have cost £40.00 to buy)
Kitchen unit fronts – reclaimed wood (pallet & cedar off cuts ).
Screws – £50.00.
Raw Timber Decorative Shelf fronts – £40.00 from Saw Mill.
Solid Wood Kitchen Work Tops (sycamore & elm) – £30.00 each from Saw Mill.
Overhead storage cupboard – free cedar wood off cuts from someone’s sauna project.
Door handles – Free twigs found in the forest!
Plus Copper handles & simple door catches for lower units – £20.00 eBay.
Danish Oil – £20.00

#6 Weekend – Kitchen Drawers:
Reclaimed Draws from old kitchen on Freecycle – Cladded in Free Pallet Wood (plus Copper handles as before)

#7 Weekend – Kitchen Sink:
Belfast Kitchen sink – 99p (unwanted but brand new off eBay)
Copper tap – £35.00 (handmade on eBay)
Electric water pump – £12.00
2x Large 40L water containers – £40.00

#8 Weekend – Fridge:
Electric Fridge – £500
(Plus left over Timber to Build Frame for Fitting)

#9 Weekend – Boot Storage:
Boot/van shed storage for rear of van (coat hooks, tools & outdoor toys) – Free Pallet wood & Large Sheet of thin Ply wood (£10 for ply)
Screws & Hooks – £20.

#10 Weekend – Kitchen Tiles & Gas Hob:
Gas hob – £80.00 (new off eBay)
Gas Bottle – Calor Gas 6kg Butane – £70.00
Tiles – £30.00 (new off eBay)
Tile grout – £20.00

#11 Weekend – Bulk Head:
Timber for Frame – £20.00
Screws – £20.00
Cladding – Free Pallet Wood.
Ply (over driving seat storage cupboards) – donated by builders skip.
Black Out Roller Blind – £25.00 (Argos).
2x Copper Storage Baskets – £20.00

#12 Weekend – Shoe & Poo Storage:
Toilet (small campervan porta-potty) – £45.00
Plus reclaimed filing cabinet drawer runner collected off Freecycle.
Children’s Low Project Bench & Shoe Storage (also acts as slide out cupboard for toilet) all reclaimed wood, frame is Cladded in Pallet Wood & Bench top is old oak flooring from builders.
Screws – £10.00

#13 Weekend – Roof Rack
Roof rack – £125.00 (eBay)
Pallet Wood Frame – for tying things down on to.
2 x Large Outdoor Canvas Furniture Bags for extra storage – £30.00

#14 Weekend – Bedside Storage:
Bookshelf – £20 screws – reclaimed pallet wood & leftover Raw Timber Cladding from Kitchen Build.
Timber Frame & Ply Timber Clothes Bin type Storage edging the bed – £25.00

#15 Weekend – Children’s Bunks:
2 X children’s bunk bed – 18mm Ply – £30.00
Chunky Metal Chain (5M from B&Q) – £25.00
Metal Fixtures, Fittings & Carabineers £25.00
Made to measure memory foam mattresses (upholstered in special outdoor fabric the same as marine fabric for boat mattresses) £500 – They also double up as outdoor seating cushions.

#16 Weekend – Underbed Storage
Ply board, Pallet Wood & Screws left over from rest of build to make a large drawer than runs the length of the bed and slides out at the back. No runners needed only thing piece of timber fixed to van floor acting as a runner works fine.

#17 Weekend – Heater:
Diesel Parking Heater – £500 (off eBay) plus £300 to get it fitted with local car mechanic.

Grand Total: £4,468.00

All the bedding, cookware, curtains, crockery & utensils we needed were used for free from our house.

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  1. Nice Blog.. a good build as well. Fun isn’t it ?? We got a load of satisfaction from building Ours.
    Loved the 5 years she has given us so far..Saved us Thousands, and given us a life style that most would like, but are unsure if they can do it…No doubt it will have to come to an end one day..but not before, I cant drive or walk anymore. Happy traveling to all of you.


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