Unschool Learning, Creating Number Flashcards.

Personally I don’t like the idea of flashcards, I don’t find them hugely inspiring.

One thing my daughter and I do agree can be inspiring is Pinterest. We are slightly hooked.

A regular moment that has developed in our unschool journey together is snuggling up in the evening, skimming through Pinterest for any new activities we feel like trying out the next day.

One evening our four year old spotted these beautiful hand painted number flashcards on Pinterest that she loved.

The next morning we got out pots of brightly coloured pens, wax crayons, a ruler, some scissors and paper to set about making our own cards.

We folded the paper to make rectangles.

I drew some number outlines in black pen, she created the colourful designs.

We labelled each one with the correct amount of dots to aid the number recognition.

After a bit of careful scissor practice we had cut out the rectangles, our handmade flash cards were complete.

Low cost materials, easy to make on the road with the added bonus of no huge prep or clear up like so many of the amazing but if I’m completely honest slightly daunting Pinterest photos.

  • We talked about numbers and their different names.
  • We counted 1-10.
  • We counted the dots on each card.
  • We talked about different shapes, colours and patterns.
  • We talked about what our favourite numbers were.
  • We counted our fingers and our toes, our eyes, ears, elbows!
  • We dealt the flashcards out equally to each person in the family. Taking turns to put one card in the centre, trying to name the number correctly (she has watched us play a lot of poker recently with friends on the road!) We played this game a LOT.

She was excited to learn more about numbers.

  • We talked about where else we could find numbers around us.
  • We played our incey wincey spider board game, using a dice and counting numbers.

Turns out she taught me something new today too. My pesky close minded brain clearly had no clue of this…. flashcards when conjured up by children can be a lot of fun.






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