Blackberry Hunt

It’s Autumn, it’s Blackberry season. We clearly went blackberry picking.


This season we were staying on the drive of family so we were excited to get a crumble on as a rare treat.

If we are in the van we usually make blackberry pancakes which is just as delicious!

  • We talked about seasons.
  • We talked about what plants need to grow.
  • We talked about natural dyes.
  • We talked about what birds, insects and foxes eat.
  • We talked about poisonous plants and berries.
  • We talked about food hygiene.
  • We talked about jam, sugar and ways of preserving food.
  • We ran about like crazy blackberry fiends and rolled down the hill.
  • We piled up towers of cut grass, built grass chairs and grass houses.
  • We left food gifts for the wildlife (and the fairies).
  • When we got home we drew pictures of ourselves blackberry picking and told a story about it.