Unschool Learning, Old Bus Tour & History Lesson

Our little ones love playing with their small world toys for hours on end in the van.

Our son’s favourite combo at the moment is this old red bus gifted to him by a friend he met on the road in Portugal and his PJ Masks crew…

So when we discovered these real life amazing vintage buses, we were completely excited to have an explore around!

Such things of beauty!

We learned about some of the historic transport act Bye-laws.

Did you know that prior to 1995 it was actually illegal to queue jump at a bus stop?

It was such a fun day! The children loved learning lots about these old buses, talking about methods of transport and the ‘old days!’

We talked about:

  • What different types of transport can we name?
  • What are our favourite ways to travel?
  • How using public transport was the main way people travelled before cars.
  • How public transport can be more planet friendly as it uses less energy then us all travelling in our own cars.
  • These buses may have been used by our grandparents when they were children.
  • How buses are made mostly from metal, plastic, rubber and fabric.
  • Buses are usually made in factories or workshops by people.
  • Buses are often powered by diesel.
  • The bus driver sells tickets to people wanting to travel, you wait at a bus stop and press a special button when you want to get off.
  • You have to pass a special test and get a license if you want to drive a bus.