Unschool Learning, Fork Paint Flowers.

Fork flowers, a Pinterest favourite discovered by our small people when doing their own research about what ‘school work’ they’d like to do.

The children spotted the pictures on Pinterest and before I’d finished my cuppa had whirled around grabbing an old blanket, paper, paints and the most curious collection of kitchen equipment you’ve ever seen.

Including every fork they could lay hands on.

At least once a day I am inspired by a child’s natural ability to consistently throw their all into every project they encounter.

An adult will carefully select a fork for each colour of paint on the table, believing this to be a logical and sound decision, resulting in what they consider to be a perfectly adequate amount of forks.

Children will take every last fork in the draw.

The small people returned with beaming smiles and bundles of forks, with a few huge serving spoons and a tea strainer thrown in for good luck.

The small people measure out how much of each paint they need on to a flat plate.

I think squeezing paint out of a tube is always secretly their main reason for choosing any paint based activity! They often seem to be enthralled by this task more than the painting.

They roll the forks into the paint and onto the paper.

Create shapes, swirls, flowers, whatever feels good.

Our little boy ran off to find an old face painting sponge, which led to a series of moon paintings.

Smiling faces get drawn or painted on everything!

  • We talked about shapes and colour.
  • We talked about our favourite flowers.
  • We talked about our sense of smell.
  • We talked about the seasons.
  • We talked about seeds, the sky and rain.
  • We talked about finding new objects to paint with.
  • We mixed colours on the plate.
  • We talked about how it feels to paint.
  • We talked about how ideas come from our brain, our heart or by seeing what other people do.