Ostara & Full Moon Celebration For Children.

On March 20th we celebrated Ostara under a super worm moon, in the overgrown walled garden of an 18th Century convent.

(Art work by Steven Farmer)

We went for a walk, listened to bird song, painted eggs, gathered bunches of Daffodils and spring flowers.

We built a huge Bonfire with the wood we have been helping to clear from the garden…the children used a compass to mark out North, East, South & West with tree stumps.

The children were really excited to decorate each stump with a candle and some magic fairy dust that was gifted to them in the woods by some real fairies, ahead of our little moon party.

We wanted to embrace a simple, fun way of celebrating Ostara that offered the children a gentle way of connecting inwardly to themselves and the natural world around them.

We love this simple way from Molly at Patheos to open a circle for young children that really embodies their physical connection with the elements.

Opening Circle:
Turn to the South and rub your hands together, feeling the heat generated by your own body. Fire lives in you. Welcome fire, welcome South.

Turn to the West and lick your lips, feeling the water of your own body and how it is connected to the waters around the world. Water lives in you. Welcome water, welcome West.

Turn to the North and feel the strength and stability of your own body, connected to the earth. Turn to the person next to you and give them a hug, feeling their solid presence. Earth lives in you. Welcome earth, welcome north.

Turn to the East and take a deep breath in unison, inhale, exhale, feeling the breath of life in your body. Air lives in you. Welcome air, welcome East.

Moon Water Infusion:
Pass a large jar of water around each person shaking it. Infusing it with qualities, gifts, or wishes that we want to bring into our life.

Then leave it out under the moonlight all night ready for everyone to drink up over breakfast.

We tried the egg cleansing ritual from The Gypsy Thread and also borrowed his version of the story of Ostara for storytime too…

Egg Cleansing Ritual:
Use an egg as a smudge stick…pass the egg over each person’s body – concentrate on drawing out negative energy. Then crack the egg in a dish…And throw onto the fire.

Story Time, Hot Chocolate & Pancakes by the Fire:

Story of Ostara & the Hare.

On the first day of spring each year, animals and children would come to the great meadow to celebrate with the Goddess Ostara to bring her gifts and offerings. No one is sure when, but on one of those years, a young rabbit was preparing to make the great journey.

Being a creature of the earth, the rabbit had no possessions worthy enough to present to a Goddess, but the hare would not dare to insult the Goddess by arriving empty-handed and went to the forest to find something suitable.

While on his quest, the young rabbit came upon a fresh egg and was about to enjoy it as a meal, when he was hit with the realization that the egg would make a fine offering to the Goddess since it was a true representation of springtime. But, because the egg was no different than any other egg, the young rabbit decided to take it home to decorate it first. He wanted it to be special and worthy of offering to the Goddess.

On the first day of Spring, all the creatures were gathered, each taking a turn to approach the Goddess. When it was his turn, the hare humbly approached with reverence and awe, and presented the now brightly colored egg to the Goddess. She beamed at the beautiful egg; smiling down upon the rabbit, who was overwhelmed with relief. In fact, she was so happy that she wanted everyone to have one, so they could feel the same joy she was feeling.

She also saw the unselfish and gentle soul of the rabbit by presenting her with the egg rather than eating it, so she rewarded him and his entire species with a new life, of sorts. From that day forward, rabbits would have the job of creating and delivering decorated eggs to children and animals across the land on the morning of the great festival of the spring.

After closing the circle we had a goof around, drinking wine, throwing sticks on the fire, dancing about and letting off some of our full moon energy!

We all curled up by the fire with blankets to watch the flames under the bright light of the moon.

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  1. That sounds really beautiful and a fantastic way to involve the children. I need to let my flow go abit more and embrace it as we love seasonal change and the moon especially. Being indoors disconnects you so much, although I try hard to be at one. THANKYOU for the gentle reminder x


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