Family Campervan Time at Ullibarri-Gamboa Reservoir, Spain.

Campervan Family time at Ullibarri-Gamboa Reservoir, Basque Country, around the North-west coast of Spain.

After driving over the border from the West Coast of France to Spain, we were looking for somewhere we could go for a swim and relax in nature.

Driving through the (thankfully flat, straight & cheap toll roads) weaving between the beautiful green mountains and valleys of the Basque country towards Galicia always feels special.

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After only an hours drive from the border we pulled off the highway into a little village and set camp at this huge reservoir.

Ullibarri-Gamboa Reservoir is the largest in the Basque country, it has two beaches, wooded shady areas, toilets, sinks for washing and children’s park.

The views of birds landing on the lake early in the morning are stunning, distant cow bells jingle over the hills. Free from the height restrictions of the French coast and instead welcomed in with little grass grid park ups all around the lake.

Click here for the tourism page on Ullibarri-Gamboa Reservoir for further information and map.

We visited here happily for a week during Spring.

The car park was never super busy (although I can imagine fills up a lot quicker in the real heat of Summer, some of the locals we talked to said they had driven over 40km to reach this spot as its a special place throughout the area).

The lake is perfect for little ones to splash about and paddle, with a gently sloping small pebble beach.

We managed to make good use of our paddle board for lots of adventures around the lake.

There are many easy walking trials, wildlife to spot, flat cycle paths that loop around the lake and plenty of wooded areas to hang a hammock. You will not run out of things to do and explore!

There are also beautifully clean toilets and sinks with cold running water to make use of, we managed to do a few quick hand washes when needed.

Our children loved playing in the little park and making new friends on the beach.

We loved eating our dinner with a cheap bottle of local Rioja on forest picnic thrones under the pine trees.

Definitely worth a visit if you are passing through this wonderful area. A beautiful place to chill out, relax and connect with nature.