Unschool Learning, Worcester Museum, Neolithic History & The Dinosaur Footprint.

Despite owning every princess thing going thanks to his older sister…our 3yr old Son is in LOVE with everything dinosaur.

He has a dinosaur beach towel and every time we lay it out we have to name each dinosaur. If we make a mistake, he corrects us.

So when we were visiting friends near Worcester and discovered the free museum had a fossilised dinosaur footprint on show, we just had to go on a hunt for it.

The children packed their mini back-pack full of everything they decided we needed for setting off on an adventure (apples, water bottle, pen, paper, forks, trucks & bouncy ball) and off we set!

We were greeted by a colourful and cheery Giraffe!

Worcester museum houses an interesting collection of exhibits in a beautiful old building.

There is a special children’s learning area situated in the Open Gallery at the back with small colourful tables, children’s books and baskets of building bricks and toys.

Our children loved hunting round the museum for the dinosaur footprint. We also found gastroliths, which are fossilised stones dinosaurs eat to help with the digestion of the tough leaves and pine needles they would often be nibbling on.

There was a little section where children could dress up in ‘olden day’ outfits.

We learned lots about extinct and endangered animals.

Our three year old boy was fascinated by the very real aspect of humanity on offer in the exhibition all about times of war.

After a good run around we treated ourselves to afternoon tea in the Balcony Cafe.

Such a beautiful little place, the food was delicious, with wholesome, homemade quality.

The children’s menu had some great variety, every day platters and snack boxes just like you would make at home.

The small ones were so excited to see a ‘baby-cappuccino’ on the menu (milk with cocoa sprinkles). They still ask for coffee every morning now when the adults stick the kettle on.

The Victoria sponge was WI quality…we just couldn’t say no after making friends with it at the counter.