Park4Night App

Park4Night has been a game changer for us in removing a lot of the stress in trying to find late night park ups or campervan services whilst living on the road.

We have the app installed on our android phone.

Park4night is a free app that you can download easily from the Google play or apple store.

Click on the Home page and it gives you the option to search for suitable park ups for your campervan.

Click on search ‘around me’ to see all the possibilities closest to your exact location in the form of a list or a map.

You can also click on ‘map’ or ‘around a place’ to check out certain areas you are thinking of travelling to to see how plausible wild camping or free services are in that area. Park4night seems to cover most countries across the world.

There are symbols for each type of park up, which includes free and paid Aires, Campsites or campervan service areas making it super easy to search for what you need.

Each option has a written description outlining the important information about the place and usually a few photos that you can scroll through to get a better feel for it before you arrive.

Once you have scanned through the possible options and chosen where to land.

It is possible to navigate directly to a park up using your navigation program (such as Google maps) on your phone, by clicking on the ‘localisation’ icon.

There will be a choice of what format you want to use… We always select ‘navigating’ and it links straight through to directions on our phone’s Google maps app.

Super easy to use and find your way to what ever you need.

Its also worth pointing out that before you drive somewhere it’s always worth checking the most up to date comments.

Even the most beautiful spots might have just had a height restriction bar put in or they put up seasonal signs that ban overnight parking every year in August. We always scroll through the most recent comments just to double check.

The comments added by users are often in many different languages however you can translate each one easily by clicking ‘translate’ without leaving the app.

What do we like about Park4night?

The best thing for us about Park4night is the places and comments are uploaded regularly by the van community, from the last person who parked there. So if they didn’t get a good night’s sleep for any reason, or the access road was too tight for their slightly longer vehicle…you can find it all in the up to date comments.

We started travelling with an aires book, but found that a lot of the places were often hard to find, were paid aires, or didn’t always have up to date information.

Park4night makes wildcamping for us in every country we’ve visited so far, really simple. I love that it is compiled by the van community, so new places are always popping up, being added to or edited.

It also includes lots of random lay-bys, city car parks and picnic spots. That are perfect for a one night stop over but wouldn’t necessarily make it into an aires book.

Park4night helps link you up with a water tap or a toilet drop when you most need it, so we don’t have as many last minute panics!

Finally the most handy thing for us is that the app links to Google maps, so it can make finding some of the more remote and out the way places that don’t have exact addresses really easy to find.

It took us a few months on the road before we found this app and is now our number one recommendation to everyone embarking on any kind of road trip or van dwelling.

We have found some of our most beautiful park ups thanks to this app and the amazing van life community who share the love.

2 thoughts on “Park4Night App

  1. Great post! We already knew about Park4Night but it’s reassuring to hear how valuable it is to someone already using it on the road. And I didn’t know about the localisation button to link to Google maps, how handy!

    And I hadn’t thought of using it just to find a water point either, so thanks for all the tips πŸ™‚

    Missy x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you found it a useful read… I wish someone had told us about it before we set off… Makes everything run so much smoother! Also… Took us an extra few months of use before we found the localisation button! Haha! All that time driving round trying to find the places and we had no idea! Happy adventuring Xx


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