Unschool Learning, How Was The Earth Built?

“How was the Earth Built? And… Are the builders really tired?”

Just two of the unschool questions we are getting ourselves into this week. I love how young children don’t shy away from the big important questions in life.

Even if us adults can’t always deliver a succinct answer to these questions its always exciting to point the small people in the direction of current research and ideas.

Its great to do research together and talk about what we find.

We learned that the earth was formed 4.54 billion years ago.

The earth in its early years was very different to how we know it now. Young earth was chaotic, fiery and volcanic.

Earth was unstable and under almost constant bombardment by meteorites.

Eventually the atmosphere formed, the Earth cooled down, its crust appeared and water was able to collect on its surface.

Before this our solar system was nothing but a cloud of cold dust particles swirling through empty space.

Scientists believe that the Earth and other planets in our solar system were created when this cloud of particles were disturbed by the explosion of a star.

Check out this video on YouTube made by ‘Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell’ for a beautifully simple visual explanation of how Earth was formed:

Everything You Need to Know About Earth

SO in short, I did have to admit to my five year old that we don’t really know who built the Earth and we are not really sure if they are tired or not. However it was really fun helping her find out about the history of our planet and what the scientists of today have managed to figure out so far about how it all started.

It was a beautiful reminder to my little one that adults don’t necessarily have all the answers to all of her big ponderings about the universe and that she is free to keep pondering and keep that beautiful mind of hers open and curious about the world we live in.


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