Van Store Cupboard Essentials

When we left the UK our van kitchen consisted of three open shelves, a spice rack, a fridge, a large drawer for fresh produce and one cupboard above our hob for everything else. After traveling for a year we found it a bit restrictive having to keep travelling to a shop or market every couple […]

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Blackberry Hunt

It’s Autumn, it’s Blackberry season. We clearly went blackberry picking. A LOT. This season we were staying on the drive of family so we were excited to get a crumble on as a rare treat. If we are in the van we usually make blackberry pancakes which is just as delicious! We talked about seasons. […]

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Fermented Sauerkraut Recipe

We love all the health benefits of probiotics. We don’t usually have money in the budget for supplements on the road. This fermented Sauerkraut recipe is the perfect option for us as it’s easy to make in a van, cheap and full of goodness. It only takes a few minutes to make, suiting our food […]

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