Unschool Learning, Fork Paint Flowers.

Fork flowers, a Pinterest favourite discovered by our small people when doing their own research about what ‘school work’ they’d like to do. The children spotted the pictures on Pinterest and before I’d finished my cuppa had whirled around grabbing an old blanket, paper, paints and the most curious collection of kitchen equipment you’ve ever […]

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Christmas Day in the Van

Big Family Celebrations have always been important to us so the idea of being away from home for Festive season was really tricky. We soon learned that Celebrations on the road can be really fun though, meeting new people, swapping traditions and trying out new ideas. For our first Christmas in the van we spent […]

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Unschool Learning, Climbing.

Climbing is a great way of building strength, flexibility and fitness. A recent study by Jiri Balas, at the Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic has shown that climbing may just be one of the top work outs you can do. Both climbing and bouldering involve “nearly the whole body’s musculature,” says Jiří Baláš. While […]

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Blackberry Hunt

It’s Autumn, it’s Blackberry season. We clearly went blackberry picking. A LOT. This season we were staying on the drive of family so we were excited to get a crumble on as a rare treat. If we are in the van we usually make blackberry pancakes which is just as delicious! We talked about seasons. […]

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